Interior Grave Dressing / Canopies

Quinns Funeral Home Dundalk, Co., Louth

Quinns Funeral Home Dundalk

The purpose of grave dressing is to create an attractive bed, or cradle, into which the coffin is lowered, making

this final step as gentle, sensitive and comforting as possible, especially for young family members, as their loved

one is laid to rest.


Our service includes:

Quinns Funeral Home Dundalk

Quinns Funeral Home Dundalk

1. The dressing of the interior of the grave with synthetic grass.

2. The dressing can be done on both old graves with surrounds and new graves.

3. Flower surrounds can be provided, on request.

4. A canopy, chairs, and non-slip flooring complete the grave-side set-up.

5. Synthetic grass is laid around the grave, ensuring the area is clean & safe.

6. A PA system is provided.

7. Dove or balloon release, signifying the setting free of a spirit, and grave side music can also be arranged, on request.


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