Funeral Plans

On making funeral arrangements, client families are presented with an accurate estimate of expenses in accordance with the IAFD Code of Practice. THIS IS NOT A DEMAND FOR PAYMENT.

It is our assurance to you that we have your best interests at heart, by providing full and clear information, outlining all options, particularly with regard to the budgetary aspect of the arrangements.

Our Funeral Account is made up of two parts. Firstly, our Service Charge, which features a detailed breakdown of costs, covers the provision of coffin or casket, transport, attending staff, care and presentation of the deceased and all necessary services, including gratuities. The second part will show an itemized bill for all disbursements; these are fees that we pay out on your behalf for cemetery or cremation fees, church offering, organist, vocalist, floral tributes, obituary notices and similar external fees.

No two funerals are the same and the various options and choices available result in a wide variance in funeral costs. We will provide an accurate estimate to client families once we have ascertained their requirements. For the purposes of providing guideline information for both at need and pre-need enquiries, we have developed four core funeral plans. These are detailed below for comparison. It should be noted that the plans can be tailored to include additional options or be simplified as required by the wishes of the client.

Compare the Plans

Additional services and merchandise can be added to all of the plans and costings increased accordingly. Unrequired services and merchandise can be removed and costings reduced accordingly.

Please click here to view our funeral plans.

In the case of pre-planning, a Plan Administration Fee of €195.00 MUST BE ADDED to each option. Payments can be made in full at the time of agreeing a prepaid funeral plan or can be made in instalments as directed in the brochure available from us.

In relation to payment, a Funeral Account is typically presented a couple of weeks after the funeral takes place, and the family will usually settle the account within a matter of weeks. There may be genuine reasons for delays due to insurance or legal matters. We have experienced this situation many times and will be able to help. However, we would appreciate you contacting us should you encounter any difficulties in this regard. We encourage continuous contact from families who may need time and assistance to settle the account. We will work with families to create a payment plan, if necessary.