Burial or Cremation


The choice of burial or cremation is yours. There is little difference in the overall cost should the family own a grave. However, if a new grave needs to be purchased, then this can add significantly to the cost of the funeral. When arranging for the opening of an existing grave please provide us with the grave number or failing that, details of the person or persons previously interred in that grave. We will then make all the necessary arrangements.

Similarly with cremation, we will carry out all legal and relevant procedures from the “witnessing” of the application form, which must be completed by the ”nearest surviving” relative or the “executor”; to organizing the satisfactory completion of the “Medical Certificate” by the deceased’s attending doctor (who must be over three years qualified and would have seen the deceased before and after death) or if necessary, the Coroner’s completion of a “Coroner’s Certificate for Cremation” and the removal (where necessary) of artificial implants e.g. pacemaker/defibrillator.

During the cremation process, both the coffin and the body are cremated. Following the cremation, ashes will become available usually within 48 hours. The options for the final resting place of these are varied e.g. Garden of Remembrance, Columbarium Wall, existing family grave or scattering in a chosen location. We will be pleased to discuss all of these options with you and offer guidance and advice.