Bereavement is probably the single most emotional and traumatic event which most people will face during a lifetime and at Quinn’s we are privileged to assist people as we realize how important it is to help and support families and individuals both during and after this difficult time.


Financial Assistance and Information

Assistance is available, subject to criteria, from the local HSE Community Welfare Office in the form of a payment

under the Supplementary Welfare Allowance Scheme. This can be in addition to other payments. Download the

form here and here.

A Widowed Parent Grant may also be payable to you if you are widowed with dependent children.

If you have any difficulty completing these forms, we are available to assist.
In addition to insurance on members’ savings, some credit unions operate a Death Benefit Insurance scheme for members, offering a substantial payment on death, irrespective of the level of shares/savings held.

Quinn’s Resource Package

At Quinn’s we realize how important it is to guide and support families and individuals both during and after

their bereavement and we feel that providing them with a resource package which is presented to them after

the funeral will help them through their many stages of grief, provide useful information, contacts for local

bereavement support groups and other useful contact numbers will help ease their pain during this very stressful,

emotional time.


The Resource Pack that we present to families after the funeral includes:

• Quinn’s Information Booklet: this contains information about all the different funeral options available,

entitlements, information about funeral account charges, how to obtain a Death Certificate, advice on

Solicitors, Memorials, Pre-Paid Funeral Plans, contacts for In Memoriam Cards/Acknowledgement

Cards and Bereavement Support.


• Now What? : This is a booklet produced by the Centre for the Grief Journey which has proved to have

been helpful to many families especially in cases of traumatic bereavement.


• Irish Association of Funeral Directors Customer Care Charter Information Leaflet: this outlines the

roles and responsibilities of funeral directors and their representative association and answers many

frequently asked questions or queries.


• Leaflets from the Armagh Diocesan Pastoral Centre: they offer peer support programmes to assist

children (RAINBOWS), adolescents (SPECTRUM) and adults (KALEIDOSCOPE) who are grieving

a death, separation or other painful transition in their family. They also offer THE WIDER CIRCLE-
TRAUMA PROGRAMME which offers structured self-help to individuals and to those who care for

traumatized individuals. They also offer individual bereavement support.


• Hospital Counselling Leaflet: this gives a useful list of contacts and contact numbers e.g. Irish Stillbirth

and Neonatal Death Society, the Samaritans, Bereavement Counselling Services etc.


• Leaflets produced on behalf of the Irish Hospice Foundation: These leaflets were produced especially

for the Irish Association of Funeral Directors and offer valuable insight into the effects of different

bereavements in specific areas. Examples of these leaflets are: The Grieving Family/ Grieving the death

of someone close / When someone you care about is bereaved / Adults grieving the death of a parent

/ When a child is bereaved / Living through the death of your partner or spouse. We have had great

feedback on these leaflets and are delighted that quite a number of people have benefited from reading

them and that through time they did help ease their sadness.


• A list of useful websites which deal with every aspect of grief.

• A list of books that can be purchased at any good bookshop which can help families both emotionally

and spiritually deal with their grief over time and offer them comfort and advice and make their journey

of grief a lot more bearable.